6 Best Solutions to Fix AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone Issue

We all can agree that AOL mail is one of the best email services that people can use to send and receive emails, documents, pictures and other contents but, it is also safe to say that nothing is perfect. There have been many instances where the users of AOL mail have complained that they have not been able to use the service properly as aol mail not working on iPhone and if that is the case with you too then, you can use this guide as we are going to give you some wonderful solutions that you can use to fix your problems.

What can you do if AOL mail is not working on your iPhone?

You can easily use all these methods when you feel that AOL mail not loading on your iPhone. We hope that you can use these methods to resolve your issues.

Hard Restart the mail application

The simplest method that you can try is to restart your device if you are not able to use the AOL mail application. Hard restart refers to closing the applications that are opened on your device and then opening the application again. The method is useful and that is why you should use it.

Log out and then log into your account

Sometimes, the issues can be with your AOL email account and that is why you can try to log out of your email account and then reinstate it using the correct login credentials of your account. Make sure that you remove your account completely from the app.

Reset multiple accounts

Another method that you can use when aol email not working on iPhone is to reset the different accounts that you have in the application. If you have multiple accounts then, you can change the settings and re-login into all the accounts to make sure that there are no technical errors with the email accounts.

Update the Application

You need to know that it is very important to update the AOL mail application time-to-time and if you are facing issues then, this can be because the application is not updated. Try to update the application and see if it works.

Reinstall the AOL mail application

If all the methods that we have given above are not working then, delete the application from your device and then, download it again. There could be some corrupted file in the application data which can be erased after you remove the app.

Update your iPhone

The next method that you should try is to update the iOS version that you are using. If the application does not have a problem then, the reason can be the issues between the application and the version of the iPhone. Look for the latest iOS version for your device.

If you are not able to fix your AOL mail using these methods then, we recommend that you use the website Emailspedia as the website is very informative and tries to give solutions to every problem.

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