A Guide On How To Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

Recently the telegram app has emerged as the most popular cloud-based instant messaging app with some amazing features to connect with your colleagues and family. Sometimes chat history on it might get deleted accidentally by you and it seems unrecoverable.

Maybe you have lost your telegram messages through bugs, errors, or misclicks. Losing essential data can be frustrating and If you have done so and now you want to recover that messages.

Get confused about whether is it possible to recover deleted messages or not, then we are here to help you out with the possible methods on how to get back deleted messages on your iphone.

Why Telegram chat is not visible?

There may be many reasons for telegram messages deleted, let’s find out the possible cause

  1. May you have deleted your message accidentally
  2. The message may be deleted by someone else who had used your phone.
  3. Last may your messages are getting deleted by Telegram

That may be the possible cause of your chat being deleted on telegram.

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages on your Phone?

Here is how to recover your deleted messages

  1. First, you need to log in to your telegram app on your device.
  2. Go to “Settings”  by clicking on the 3stripes line
  3. Then click on “Advanced” from the “Settings section”
  4. From here select “Export telegram data”
  5. You will get all the deleted messages
  6. Pick the messages that you want to recover
  7. Then tap on the “Allow“ button
  8. Open the Export Telegram data section and tap on the “Export” button
  9. Click on “Show my Data” and you will find. an HTML file of your recovered messages.

    How to Get Back Deleted Messages by any Other Means.

    However, there are some other methods too to recover the deleted chat by telegram backup. You can recover deleted telegram messages by Telegram Back up. But you have only 5 seconds to undo the deleted messages. Whenever you delete a message a quick message appears on the bottom to make it “Undo”, click on undo button fastly If you have deleted your chat unintentionally.

    Although there are many tools that may help you out in recovering your deleted chat on telegram.

    Final words

    Hence. We have discussed here some possible and quick ways to recover your deleted chat on telegram either by exporting the data from telegram deleted data or by the telegram backup, method.

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