Activities that put you in a good mood

The definition of “Paint and Sip” is what it sounds like; sip your favorite drink (or sip wine) while painting your favorite picture. It’s a new common alternative that can replace old plans of going to the mall or another movie night with your friends.

It’s an activity that puts you in a good mood, enjoying nothing but good art, company, and a good night out. Paint and Sip classes are gaining popularity in Melbourne, Australia, and are as fun as they sound. You must choose the right one that focuses on your art. Otherwise, you’re just drinking in a new setting.

Need a release that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise or sinking into the couch for half the night? Painting is the perfect therapeutic hobby as it directs one’s focus on colors, lines, shapes, and nothing else. “ringwood paint n sip” relieves stress on the mind. It minimizes muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments. So why not enjoy the wine, social setting, meditative movement, acquiring new skills, and creating masterpieces while relaxing?

Here are some rules that can help you before starting a new adventure.


Feeling a little nervous about something new you’ve never experienced before is normal. But if you’re feeling worried, then we beg you, please don’t. “Paint and Sip” is about releasing the stress you feel around your neck. Let go of all doubts and let the colors flow. Enjoy music while dancing with brush strokes.

The big difference between an art class and a docklands paint n sip session is that this is not an art class! No one is allowed to judge anyone, and no grades will be given. Suppose you have talent, then good for you. If not, just let go of your anxiety and start painting. On the other hand, if you have a serious Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder (OCD), you may want to take it easy. So that you can be patient with yourself and embrace what you are capable of.

Easy to do,

But, of course, we’re not going to leave you hanging and hope you take the wheel without guidance. Experienced artists are ready to welcome you while you paint with your other artist friends. Just follow these easily doable steps, and in no time, you will be surprised that you can discover some hidden talents within you.

Be Social

The Paint and Sip classes session will be attended by many curious and adventurous painters like you. It is the perfect time for you to meet a group of people who share the same interests as you. As the saying goes, ‘great thinkers think alike. Brainstorm and explore new ideas about your background and taste in art. With good vibes comes a good painting with a good memory.

Have fun!

Naturally, we forget about everything if we focus on the painting steps. Whenever you realize the opportunity, remind yourself to have fun! ‘Paint and Sip’ is an activity in which we try to focus on the experience of painting together, not just techniques and materials.

In Paint and Sip, you meet new people or explore new things with friends. Sometimes we need a break from everyone we know. We got it! Paint and Sip share its unique art space with those looking to learn a new skill, mix up their routine, or get out and meet like-minded art and culture lovers.

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