Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) president Afzal Butt on Monday demanded the state to conduct an inquiry into the martyrdom of senior journalist and former ARY News anchor Arshad Sharif in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi.

Talking to ARY News, the PFUJ president expressed his grief on the tragic demise of Arshad Sharif and demanded of the Pakistan government to investigate the matter.

The responsibility of investigating the matter lies on the State of Pakistan and the findings should be made public, Afzal Butt said.

He also urged the federal government to make arrangements to bring back the body of senior journalist Arshad Sharif to Pakistan for final rituals.

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The senior journalist embraced martyrdom after an accident in the outskirts of Kenya’s Nairobi city.

Police in Kenya have confirmed his death and have opened an investigation into the accident which likely involved a gun attack.

A seasoned journalist, Arshad Sharif was one of Pakistan’s top news anchors. ARY News show Powerplay was Arshad’s last outing on national television. He had worked for the country’s top news channels and newspapers in the past. He was awarded ‘Presidential Pride of Performance  for his exceptional journalism in the year 2019.


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