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The Day-Date ref. 118235 was introduced in 2005 and was one of the first Rolex replica watches to feature the new proprietary metal Everose. Like the brand’s other metals, Everose is forged in Rolex’s own foundry at the Les Acacias Manufacture in Geneva and is Rolex’s name for rose gold. This 18-carat alloy is composed of pure gold, mixed with copper to give it a distinctive warm hue, and a small amount of platinum to seal in the natural tones. As its name suggests, this blend ensures that the color will never fade, no matter what environment it is exposed to.
The model 118235 is a 36 mm model. 118235 is a 36 mm model, the traditional size of the Day-Date since its inception, although the collection now also has a very successful 40 mm series. 36 mm, once considered a very large size, even for a men’s watch, is now considered very medium size, like the men’s popular with the female audience
Surrounding the dial is a fluted bezel, as designated by the “3” in the reference number. This is one of the oldest types of bezel still in use by Rolex, evolving from the old coin-edge style, which, like the Day-Date itself, is made exclusively of precious metals. More eye-catching and attention-grabbing than the understated smooth bezel type, the gently undulating prongs around the circumference catch both the light and the eye, making the copy watch stand out on the wrist.
As far as the dial itself is concerned, as you might imagine, there is something for everyone. This Ref. 118235 comes with a wide variety of colors, from classic black and white to some beautiful sunburst pinks and blues. The hour markers are available in Roman or Arabic numerals or, since we’re talking about Day-Date, there’s no shortage of diamonds and sapphires. The Oyster strap comes with an Oyster folding clasp and Easylink extension system for quick adjustment, while the President strap comes with the signature Crownclasp, a hidden fastener that makes the strap look like an unbroken chain around the wrist. The Rolex 1016 Explorer is a favorite reference among vintage Rolex watch collectors, featuring only simple time functions in a sturdy stainless steel case. Without the flashy attitude of some other Rolex sports watches, the Explorer 1016 may have been positioned as a mountain climbing watch, but today it is also a great everyday Rolex watch.
Rolex launched the ref. 6610 in the late 1950s Released in the late 1950s, the ref. 6610 introduced a new 1030 movement to the Explorer line. It was much slimmer than the previous Explorer movement, allowing the case to feature a flatter caseback. This marked the end of the Bubbleback era for the Explorer. However, it did not stay in production for long as Rolex quickly improved its watchmaking techniques.

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