BTS’ V adds in ‘list of Generation, Z’s boys by American magazine

BTS member V has been listed on the American magazine J-14 ‘list of Generation Z’s boys.’

The American celebrity magazine highlighted BTS star V as a worldwide influencer and said that the 27-old singer is an impactful K-pop artist and his influence has not just been limited to his musical performance but he has also a hugely influential in the fashion worldAllkpop reported.

“V is not only a singer & dancer in the biggest band in the world, he’s also hugely influential in the fashion world. Known for his unique & relaxed style, he’s even been coined with the term, ‘Human Gucci’,” magazine wrote.

V has been listed in the list titled ‘IT BOYS’ alongside Timothée, Chalamet, Christopher Briney, and Conan Gray.

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