Call for ban on bird hunting

According to sources, the Wildlife Department of Sindh has suggested to the provincial government that the permits issued for hunting teals and pheasants should be banned for two years owing to the loss of the natural habitat due to the recent floods.

As per details, about three to four thousand permits are issued to local hunters every year by the wildlife authorities.

The department informed the provincial government that wildlife in Sindh was adversely affected due to the recent heavy rains, floods, and intense heat during the months of March and April this year. Moreover, most of the bird habitats in the hills of Karachi and desert areas are also affected by floods.

The wildlife department has suggested that the ban on hunting may later be lifted after the growth of wildlife reaches a stable level. It was further advised to the Sindh government that the ban should not be applied to the areas under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as those areas were not affected by the floods.

It may be noted that November to February is the non-breeding season for many birds, including the migratory birds, which arrive in Pakistan during the winter season. As per the rules, permit holders are allowed to hunt the teals and pheasants on Sundays. However, hunting is not allowed in areas classified as national parks and sanctuaries.

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