China slams US ‘weaponisation’ of technology after chip sale curbs

Beijing criticises Washington after US announces new export controls aimed at restricting China’s ability to buy and manufacture high-end chips.

China has criticised the latest US decision to tighten export controls that would make it harder for China to obtain and manufacture advanced computing chips, calling it a violation of international economic and trade rules that will “isolate and backfire” on the US.

“Out of the need to maintain its sci-tech hegemony, the US abuses export control measures to maliciously block and suppress Chinese companies,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning on Saturday.

“It will not only damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies but also affect American companies’ interests,” she said.

Mao also said that the US “weaponisation and politicisation” of science and technology as well as economic and trade issues will not stop China’s progress.

She was speaking after the US announced new export controls on Friday aimed at restricting China’s ability to buy and manufacture high-end chips with military applications, stepping up tensions between the countries.

The US said that the export controls were added as part of ongoing efforts to protect US national security and foreign policy interests.

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Technological rivalry 

US-China relations have deteriorated in recent years over technology and security issues.

The US has implemented a raft of measures and restrictions designed to prevent China from obtaining chip technology, while China has earmarked billions for investment into the production of semiconductors.

The tensions have impacted semiconductor companies in the US and globally which either export chips or manufacture chips in China.

Semiconductor companies such as Nvidia and AMD have seen a 40 percent decline in stock price over the past year.

“We understand the goal of ensuring national security and urge the US government to implement the rules in a targeted way—and in collaboration with international partners—to help level the playing field and mitigate unintended harm to US innovation,” the Semiconductor Industry Association, which represents US semiconductor industry, said in a statement.

China has poured resources into developing supercomputing capabilities and seeks to become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2030, said another Commerce Department official, Thea Kendler.

But the country “is using these capabilities to monitor, track, and surveil their own citizens, and fuel its military modernization,” Kendler said, adding that the latest actions protect US

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