Comprehensive guide to living in Dubai on a Budget

While Dubai is famous for its skyrocketing towers, admirable attractions and luxury amenities, we often assume it to be an elite-class affair. However, even with all the glitz and glitter, it’s undoubtedly surprising that living on a budget in the Emirate is still possible. And getting cheap apartments for rent in Dubai is no longer a hassle for expats and young adults. That said, we appear with a comprehensive guide on how you can make the most of your time in Dubai, and that too, on a budget.

  • Look out for an affordable neigh boarhound 

While Dubai indeed owns a share of luxurious and dreamy properties, tenants with a tighter budget can easily find affordable houses for rent. In this regard, budget-friendly neighbourhoods like Deira, Al Nahda and Dubai Silicon Oasis can come in handy. One of the most valuable perks of such areas is that they’re equipped with all the essential amenities like supermarkets, pharmacies and schools.

  • Choose a shared-apartment 

If you’re a bachelor in Dubai, one of the practical ways to live on a budget is to share a flat with a roommate. Yet you must know that there are strict regulations for sharing accommodation in Dubai, which you must follow by constantly staying on the right side. Or else the state can take legal actions against you.

Live close to your workplace. 

One of the ideal ways to cut your expenses in Dubai is to live closer to your workplace and your child’s school. This way, you’ll save a considerable amount for transportation and use it elsewhere. If there’s a walking distance between you and your go-to destination, it’ll work like the cherry on the top of the cake. Not only is it healthier but also cheaper.

  • Use Public Transportation 

Dubai features a wide range of public transport networks, including buses, ferries and metro stations that work almost everywhere. It allows citizens to commute securely and affordably. Using public transportation daily instead of taking your car around is the best way to live on a budget in Dubai. To your surprise. A short trip to Dubai Metro, which connects you to the city’s significant landmarks, will cost you around as little as AED 4.

  • Buy food from local eateries. 

While there’s no harm in treating yourself with a lavish three-course meal once a month, doing this regularly will break your finances. A handy tip is to buy locally and cook the food yourself to avoid such a mishap. By this, you’ll also cut down the monthly expenses for food as you’ll be cooking all the expensive lunches and brunches at home.

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