Crypto World Offering Stability and Security, S39 Gold-Backed Tokens

Since the first-gen cryptocurrencies lacked intrinsic value and the majority of crypto assets came with a high level of risk, many people were skeptical about them because of their inherent volatility. However, the new asset-backed cryptos are stable and secure with low volatility and unpredictability.

Now, users can benefit from the web3 and gold-backed digital asset industry by becoming a part of the S39 Token community. With these S39 gold-backed tokens, users can invest in gold via its stable, tangible assets supporting the ecosystem.

Unlike their predecessors such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the price of asset-backed cryptos is linked to tangible or physical assets. These assets can include anything from gold and minerals to real estate and agriculture, that has an economic value. Asset-backed cryptocurrencies, particularly the gold-backed ones, are far more volatile as compared to the first-generation cryptocurrencies and are tied to the external, real-world markets. This makes gold-backed cryptos like S39 tokens a remarkable crypto innovation that’s enticing to both crypto enthusiasts and investors alike.

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Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies – The New Era

Asset-backed cryptocurrencies bring benefits to users. The cryptocurrency market, which is characterized by high volatility and unpredictable price swings, failed to convince the masses to invest in cryptocurrencies. But the asset-backed cryptocurrencies have liberated investors from the uncertainty of crypto market changes. Backing cryptocurrencies with real-world assets is the solution to the mass adoption problem as well.

What’s more, is that any asset having an economic value can be tokenized. So, apart from minerals and real estate, assets like intellectual property, product merchandise, capital, and commodities can be tokenized. The possibilities are endless in this new crypto world.

The S39 Network and Community

By combining the tangible and intangible eco-friendly blockchain technology, the S39 network and business community are formed by the experts. The S39 token is the dental utility token for this ecosystem.

All the S39 projects linked with real-world assets are listed in S39 web3 and Super Dapps through the decentralized technology. The revenue generated from real-world projects will then be shared with Super Dapps users across the world. There will be a swap pairing with the S39 token in each project.

Moreover, users who store S39 tokens in the Findexx wallet will get an up to 50% trading charge discount. They will also be able to stake the S39 tokens to earn an up to 30% annual percentage rate (APR).

The S39 network enables users to become a part of this growing community from the comfort of their own homes. By getting the S39 gold-backed tokens, anybody can invest in gold and take part in S39 projects. The value of these gold-backed tokens is supported by a specific amount of tangible gold. Furthermore, connecting to the Super Dapps via the web3 technology is going to offer more than 100 different S39 projects.

But that’s not all. The Super Dapps also provides users with workshops, mentorship and advice, resource recommendations, funding help, and above all, connections to a wide network of investors, consultants, and entrepreneurs. By funding the Super Dapps S39 projects, users will also receive S39 tokens for their support to the S39 community.


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