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An EHR platform is defined by its feature set. If a vendor offers HIPAA-compliant, configurable and diverse feature range, medical professionals don’t waste time giving it a go. It sounds fictional, but that’s actually true. There are many EHR solutions known for their all-rounder nature. They feature a comprehensive set of EHR, practice management, and financial services intended to drive practices to success, improving their bottom line.

And today, we will let you in on one such healthcare platform, Charmhealth EHR

Software. An EHR that rules over the healthcare industry based on its powerful feature range and intuitive nature.

Exploring the Charms of Charm EHR:

Charm EHR is infamous for its unparalleled clinical, financial, and patient engagement services. The software is hell-bent on managing clinical operations and administrative tasks to enhance the productivity of medical practices. It won’t be wrong to say that this EMR indeed compels clinicians and lures them in through its charms. Not just the feature range but the pricing structure of this vendor is also quite interesting.  We will start evaluating the solution with its price structure.

Affordable Pricing

After exploring the endless features of Charmhealth EHR, you won’t believe this software even provides a free plan. However, it helps new startups to get started. Charm EHR indeed looks after the needs of all-sized practices, which is evident from its encounter-based plan.

It costs not more than $0.5 per encounter. Not only that, but the all-inclusive plan of Charmhealth also serves a great deal. It charges just $350/month/user. All the significant alternatives of the vendor charge more than that. We will touch on the details regarding this later in this guide.

Streamlines Clinical Workflow

It is also a piece of cake for Charmhealth to streamline the workflow of medical practices. This factor is directly linked with the patient encounters, and thus Charm EHR helps code visits. In addition, this platform’s ambulatory care EHR module helps document notes and patient charts faster.

Managing, storing, and sharing patient records securely is also possible with this MARCA-certified solution. Then it provides clinical decision support, lab integration, referral management, and immunization registry. All this leads to streamlined clinical workflows for a wide range of specialized practices.

Optimizes the Revenue Stream

Success lies in the monthly revenue collection, as more revenue means an increased customer base. However, it is possible only by satisfying patients. Charm EHR reviews depict that the vendor satisfies patients with an online bill clearance facility. Also, there are drill-down views and analytics dashboards to make payment tracking easier.

Charmhealth keeps track of all overdue payments, sends alerts for delayed payments, and even conducts analytical reports for detailed insights. Besides that, it runs eligibility tests to reduce denials. Charm EHR handles clinical finances with stringent quality controls and IT automation services.

Reduces administrative Pressure

It makes administrative task management more fun than a hassle for front-end task managers. The practice management module of Charm EMR comes into play to reduce the pressure on the staff’s shoulders. In addition, there are services like appointment scheduling and inventory management for staff assistance.

Charm EHR reviews show how it makes life easier for the administrative staff. For example, the patient kiosk feature is of great help, making the check-in process a whole lot easier. Moreover, Charmhealth offers ERA, automated patient statements generation, and claims management services too.

Engages Patients

Engaging patients is truly a pain in the ass. Satisfying patients is a challenging task. It requires hard work and dedication. The reviews illustrate Charm EHR handles all this process for the care providers by featuring patient-centered services like a patient portal.

Then there is a secure messaging channel for smooth communication that enhances care coordination. Pre-filled questionnaires, self-scheduling, online pay, and online refill request functions of this intact vendor serve a great deal. Furthermore, patient education material is there that encourages patients to play their part in care.

eClinicalWorks: The Alternative

It’s not necessary that all care professionals can make their living out of Charm EHR. They might want something else, something more intuitive and enticing. If you are one of those, go for eClinicalWorks EMR software. It is a much more advanced and versatile solution compared to Charmhealth. But there’s one downfall that makes clients go for Charmhealth in most cases. You will know the details by diving into the details of the subsequent paragraphs.

The Charms Of eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks EMR demo is what you need to explore the services of this vendor. This interoperable solution does a number on clinicians with its impeccable services. Here are the two prime aspects of eClinicalWorks software.

Endless Data Visibility:

The eClinicalWorks EHR transforms healthcare norms with its strategic approach toward the challenges faced by practitioners. It enhances the visibility of practices improving care coordination. Also, it nurtures smooth communication between patients and physicians.

The secure communication channel of eClinicalWorks EMR is even highlighted in the demo. This service improves the level of care provided with electronic satisfaction surveys. Then there’s a dedicated account manager that provides clients visibility into their patient records.

Shapes Revenue Cycle:

It shapes the revenue stream with features like A/R management and claims management. eClinicalWorks ensures seamless connection with all payers. Then there are provider analytics, RCM dashboard, and much more performance evaluation tools.

The real-time dashboards of eClinicalWorks software help clinicians see through the denials and claims. The claims processing, scrubbing, and follow-up process are also available to manage claims adding value to the financial performance of practices.

CharmHealth vs eClinicalWorks: Why eClinicalWorks Fall Behind?

The reason why eClinicalWorks software fails to beat Charm EHR is its heavy price structure. This solution doesn’t offer a free plan, nor does it provide an encounter-based subscription option. Instead, there are only fixed bundles charged with a monthly subscription.

The EHR bundle costs $449/month, whereas the Practice Management bundle costs $599/month. The relief clients get for availing these expensive buncles is there are no start-up costs. Also, switching from the current EHR vendor is easy as the database is transferred for free.

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