Pixel 7 ‘Natural Elements’ ringtones arrive for all Pixels via Sounds app update

A new update for Google’s Sounds app brings a new collection of “Natural Elements” ringtones that debuted on Pixel 7.

In our hands-on time with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro this morning, we spotted that Google introduced a new collection of ringtones, notification sounds, and alarms. Entitled “Natural Elements,” the new Pixel 7 ringtones stand in bold contrast to past collections Retro Riffs that had an electronica focus.

For example, one ringtone “Garden Breeze” recreates the sound of a hanging chime on a windy day, while “Night Song” captures the evening magic of crickets chittering. More musical options like “Cloud Drift” and “Dusty Plain” bring the swelling of stringed instruments.

Diving into the notification tones, “Twang” and “Chord” each consist of a short strum of a guitar. “Rainstick” is a pleasant rattling/sizzling sound, while “Swoosh” is an airy sound exactly as its name suggests.

Under alarm tones, there are some especially serene pieces of music like “Skyward,” which incorporates a gentle piano and the chirping of crickets and birds. “Nature Trail” focuses on the sounds of water rushing by, combined with the croaking of frogs.

All together, there are 36 new ringtones, notifications, and alarms (12 of each), but thankfully you don’t actually need a Pixel 7 to take advantage of the new sounds. All of the Natural Elements ringtones are available by simply installing an update to Google’s Sounds app — version 3.0 (472386834) — which is rolling out now to older Pixel phones via the Play Store.

So far, we’ve only seen the update arrive on a Pixel 6 Pro, but it should be rolling out more widely (likely only to currently supported Pixel phones) in the coming days. Let us know down in the comments if you have the new ringtones and which Pixel device you’re using

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