Make Your Own Candle Boxes Using These 6 Steps

Making your own candle box is a great way to personalize and customize your candles. With these six easy steps, you can create a beautiful candle box that is perfect for you.

What You’ll Need

If you want to make your own custom candle boxes, you’ll need the following supplies:

-A wooden frame

-Paint or a sealant

-Candle wax


-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

-Glass jars (or other containers)

-Matches or a lighter

To make your own candle box, start by painting or sealant the wooden frame. You can choose any color that you like, but we recommend using a light color so the box will show up in photos well. Once the frame is painted or sealed, use scissors to cut out a rectangle that’s about 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall. Next, use hot glue to attach the rectangle to the top of one of the sides of the wood frame. Make sure that the top and bottom of the rectangle are facing down so the wax will drip into the jar when it’s lit.

Now it’s time to fill your new candle box with candles! You can use any type of candle you like, but we recommend using votives or tapers because they don’t produce as much smoke. If you’re using votives or tapers, place them in the jar so they’re standing up.

How to Make the Candle Boxes

Candle boxes are a popular gift idea, and they’re easy to make using this simple tutorial. All you need are some basic supplies, and you can make your own candle box in just a few minutes.

First,DL your candles according to the size of the candle you want to use. Make sure each candle is at least 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. For the body of the candle box, you will need two pieces of cardboard that are about 9 inches wide and 8 inches high. You will also need a piece of fabric that is about 18 inches long.

To make the box top, cut two pieces of cardboard that are about 5 inches wide by 7 inches high. Place one piece of cardboard on top of the fabric, and then place the other piece of cardboard on top of that. Cut out a hole in the center of the top piece of cardboard so that your candles will fit through it.

Finally,place your candles in the box according to your desired design and finish off the look with a ribbon or bowtie. Enjoy your homemade candle box!

How to Decorate Your Candle Boxes

Looking for a creative way to display your candles? Make your own candle box! This project is easy to follow and requires just a few simple supplies.

1. Start by measuring the width, height, and depth of the cardboard box you want to use. You will need to make sure the dimensions are big enough to fit all of your candles.

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