When we start a computer, it can happen to us that programs of those appear that jump as soon as the operating system is turned on, that we are not going to use at that moment, but that we do not want to close them, only minimize them.

Depending on whether there are many or few programs that we minimize, it can be a real nuisance to turn on the computer, since we could be wasting time on this fact when we could be doing more productive things.

So that all this can be solved, you must know that Windows can configure a program so that it always opens minimized. This is especially useful if many are launched when you start the computer, as we have already told you, or if you want one, in particular, to run in the background.

What is this going to mean? Well, more comfort, since you won’t have to be doing the task of minimizing all the time, since the system itself does it automatically every time you start it.

And the best of all is that it is very simple to do, we just have to be clear about certain steps that we must do to configure it.

Minimized in File Explorer or the Windows desktop

To get a program to always start minimized, we must modify its shortcut to tell it to run in the kind of state we want. The Properties menu will be the one that allows us to carry out this action, leaving the precise window inside to achieve it. This way of running it can be done on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

To achieve this we must follow some extremely simple steps and in this way, the program will be minimized:

  • We click with the right mouse button on the direct access of the program that we want to be minimized or we can also do it in File Explorer.
  • Then click on Properties.
  • It should open to the Shortcut tab. If not, we must open it ourselves to be able to continue with the steps.
  • Now we must look for where it says Execute and we will realize that next to it it has a drop-down, which we must open to select one of the options it puts.
  • This option that we must point out is that of Minimized.
  • Once we have it checked, it is time to click Apply and then OK.
  • Now, when the system or ourselves runs that program, it will start minimized. That is, off the screen so that the fact of having to make it disappear is not bothersome or uncomfortable.

    Minimize programs from the Start menu in Windows 10 and 11

    You can also minimize programs using the Start menu, where you can see them all and choose the one you want to minimize. It may even be a bit more intuitive than the previous case, although not everything works as we would like.

    This method also does not work for those applications from the Microsoft Store, since it will not perform the minimized with this system.

    The steps that we must follow are, like the ones we saw before, very simple and simple.

    • We go to the Start menu by clicking on the button with the Windows symbol.
    • Then we look for the program that we precisely want to be minimized.
      • Once found, it’s time to right-click, select More, and then click Open file location.
        • In Windows 11, to manage the specific program you are looking for, click on All applications and you will be able to see all the installed ones.
        • So, when the window where the executable file is opened, we must click on it with the right mouse button and select Properties.
        • Now we must look for the Execute drop-down menu, where we will have several options and in which we must choose Minimized, and then click on Apply.
        • As soon as we do this, we will only have to click on Accept so that what we want takes effect, which is other things that this program is minimized at the time it is executed, either by us or by the operating system.

        Minimized from the Windows taskbar

        We can also minimize the programs that we want from the taskbar of both Windows 10 and Windows 11. We must be attentive to the steps, since there may be one that complicates our lives a bit, but once we have done it we will realize that it is for us.

        In any case, if we follow the steps one by one, we should not have any problems.

        • The first thing we are going to do is press the right mouse button on the icon of the program that we want to be minimized and that we have anchored in the taskbar.
        • Then we will see how it launches a window where we can read things from bottom to tops such as Unpin from the taskbar, the name of the program or a new private window, among others.
        • Well, we must click with the right mouse button (pay attention to this step) on the name of the program that we want to minimize and that has appeared in that window. As you will see in the photo below, the program with which we show an example is Firefox.
          • Once this is done, we will see how Properties comes out, and where we are going to press.
          • It should open directly to the Shortcut tab. If not, we have to open it ourselves.
          • At this moment we look for where it says Execute and we open the drop-down that appears right next to it, where we will see several options.
          • The one that we must press, as you may have already imagined, is Minimized.
          • Once we have it checked, it is time to click Apply and then OK.
          • In this way, we have already assigned the minimized to this application for when it is opened.

          Well, these are the ways we have to minimize an application when opening it so that it doesn’t bother us, especially when starting the operating system.

          As you have seen, it is very simple, in addition the fact that the three ways are quite similar in their configuration. Now it’s your turn to choose the one you like the most.