Teatime Results And Lunchtime Results In South Africa

Do you have any information about the teatime results of the 49s? Are you curious what you think of the Teatime results? Or maybe not. Don’t fret if know anything about the teatime results as we’ll be talking of them today.Uk49 teatime outcomes are among the most famous games across the United Kingdom. The participant will bet on the total, and then choose the number of uk49s predictions they wish to bet on in this game.

There are many lotteries that are available and the teatime lottery of the 49s isn’t an exception. It is a great thing for the players as the 49s lottery takes place every day twice.

Six numbers and one booster draw from a set of 1 to 49 for teatime results for the 49s. You can pick between a 6-number draw or seven-number draw based on your preference.

What is the exact time for the draw at teatime?

Teatime drawing times are 6:49 pm in South Africa time. From February to October, it is 5:49 p.m. in the United Kingdom. The rest time of each month, draw draw time will be 4:49 p.m.

How To Play Teatime And Lunchtime Draw:

In order to play this game, choose six numbers that range between 1 and 49. After selecting six numbers select a booster out of the 43 remaining numbers. The goal is to match all your numbers to the numbers drawn. This draw will be broadcast across the globe.

The smallest number you can select is one, while the most number you could pick is six. Another alternative can be Lucky drop, where the computer picks the numbers randomly for you.


After you have purchased the ticket, declare that you’re participating on the teatime lotto as well as the number of days in which you will be playing. You are able to play for a maximum of seven consecutive days.


Before playing you have to choose which draw you’ll participate in. Whether or not it’s Draw 6 or Draw 7. If you decide for Draw 6, then there are no booster balls. You have to choose only six numbers. If you opt the number 7, you’ll get a booster number along with the 6 numbers you’ve selected.

Similar to how the teatime draw game is performed out, lunchtime draw can also be played in this manner. And the results of the draw at noon are referred to as lunchtime results.


Betting Price For Teatime Results:

You have to bet 1p for placing a bet.

  1. Prizes for the draw of the sixth:

If any of the drawn numbers coincides with the drawing and you win 7, pounds. When you have two matching numbers of the six drawn you’ll be awarded the sum of 57 pounds. You’ll be awarded PS601 when the numbers you choose match 3 drawn from draw 6. If you match four numbers from the six numbers drawn you’ll win PS7,200. You can win PS125,000 if you find 5 numbers in draw number 6.

  1. The prizes for seven draw:
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When one of seven drawn numbers matches the drawing, you’ll take home 6 pounds. When you have two matching numbers of seven drawn, you’ll take home PS39. You can win PS330 if the numbers match 3 drawn from draw 6. If you match four of the draw numbers, you’ll get PS3,800. You can get PS40,000 if your match five numbers from draw number 7.

Prediction For Teatime Results:

Look over this morning’s tea timing forecast. You can increase your chances that you will win the lottery. If you’re looking to be the most successful at the game, it is important to learn the rules. These forecasts can help in deciding on the number for drawing. These forecasts are based on the results of the previous draw.

Teatime Results In 2022:

Uk49’s teatime results permit players to bet on the results drawn. The lottery is not based on an established price, however it is able to bet on draw numbers, and you can win in the event that your number is one of the numbers drawn. This is the only method of playing lotteries and it’s the most effective method currently being used.

How to win Teatime Results:

If you’re searching for successful strategies, you’ll see that most of them do not perform. It’s because, at the base the lottery is heavily affected by the probabilities. But don’t worryabout it, you can still play these things:

  • In terms of strategies, playing often will not improve your odds but playing a significant amount of tickets can. Through the creation of a pool, all players can contribute their resources and then play as a team.
  • Different games have different rules. This is evident to anyone who plays the lottery. Different pricing leads to different payment options. Make sure to research which options give you the best chances of winning before you enter the competition. Take a look at scratch cards. While they offer lower prizes however, they usually offer better odds. It’s up to you to decide which is most important.

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