The Ghost Immobiliser Worth

The ghost immobiliser is a vehicle immobiliser system that is available for everyone who is looking for an additional security for his vehicle. It is built and designed to counter the increasing number of car crimes and car theft.

It is one of the best high end security systems and is perfect for your car’s security. The Autowatch ghost immobiliser doesn’t have the LED indications or key fobs so it doesn’t give away its location. The ghost immobiliser would communicate with the Engine Control Unit of the vehicle on the Controller Area Network (CAN) Data circuit.

Is Ghost Immobiliser Worth It?

Apart from your existing security measures, the ghost immobiliser offers an added security. That covert security measure can make it almost impossible to start your car without your consent. It can connect to your onboard electric system and avoid your car from starting until it is disabled with a custom PIN code of around 20 inputs  using the car interface.

With a ghost immobiliser, thieves won’t be able to drive your car away, even in case they steal your keys or clone the a fob to get access. Furthermore, several car insurance providers provide reduced premiums for vehicles with ghost immobiliser, as they are the best theft prevention devices, hence installing one can be a win-win for you!

Benefits of Ghost Immobiliser

  • Engine Start Blocking: Autowatch ghost immobiliser can prevent the vehicle engine from starting unless the unique PIN code is input.
  • Undetectable: a modern car thief can use diagnostics to detect circuit cuts on the modern vehicles. The ghost immobiliser does not have circuit cuts so that it can’t be located using such techniques.
  • Weatherproof: The ghost immobiliser is sealed entirely and is extremely small. It can be located and installed in any part of the vehicle, making it impossible for a thief to find.
  • No radio frequency signals: Thieves won’t be able to use sophisticated, modern RF scanning or code stealing technology in order to detect the secure device to installed in your vehicle. The ghost immobiliser can’t transmit signals like a traditional car security system.
  • Valet/ Service Mode: The service / valet mode can enable your vehicle to start temporarily and drive without the need for a unique PIN code. The ghost immobiliser would shut down this function based on speed and time.
  • ECU Swapping and Stops Key Cloning: Car thieves can’t add new key fobs or change the ECU to bypass the immobiliser to start the vehicle, only a unique PIN number will start the engine of the vehicle.

Cost of Ghost Immobiliser

Because the ghost immobiliser should be installed or located by a qualified technician. The cost may vary based on your location, though the average cost for installation and purchasing is around £499. Though it may not be the cheapest device for stopping car theft, the ghost immobiliser provides unique advantages and unrivaled theft security, even in cloning cases or key theft. Based on all these benefits of the ghost immobiliser, it is definitely worth it.

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