The Right Pair Of Wireless Earbuds?

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Wireless Earbuds?

Music has a calming effect on most of us. It uplifts our mood, boosts creativity, and often drowns the negative noise of our hectic lives. As technology advances, the devices used for listening to music get upgraded. Those days of tangled earphones are becoming a thing of the past.

People tend to choose simpler, smarter alternatives for day-to-day activities as life becomes faster each day. Wireless earbuds have become a boon to the ever-so-busy millennial who can now multitask his chores while listening to his favourite podcast. He can now work out at the gym while listening to a piece of pumping music.

As with most electronic devices nowadays, wireless earbuds come in a wide range of options and features. Choosing a pair might be an overwhelming task without the right knowledge about the features and utilities. This article shares some pointers that shall help you make the right decision.


A codec is used for encoding and decoding audio signals. It determines how an audio signal is transmitted over Bluetooth. Most low-end earphones support only Sub-Bank Codec (SBC). This codec works on dividing frequencies into multiple bands and encoding them separately.

Due to the multi-step process involved in processing, SBC takes considerable time to transmit the audio signal. Thus this technology is unsuitable for high-res music and video games.

A better alternative to SBC is aptX or LDAC 900. These codecs have low-level latency and thus support high bit-rate audio signals.

Prolonged Battery Life:

Often manufacturers and marketing companies claim the battery life of wireless earbuds to be over 10 hours. However, in real-world scenarios, you can expect the battery life to be almost one to two hours less than the manufacturers. A good way to check if the advertised battery life holds to its claim is to check the product reviews. Go through the experiences of the users who have owned the same product in the past; this shall allow you to determine the product’s real-world performance.

Look for a Good Case:

While hands-free devices are easy to use and allow greater mobility than their wired counterparts, a typical wireless earbud set contains three detachable units – one case and two earbuds. The chance of dropping or losing them is pretty high. Therefore, you should check the earphone case to determine if it is flimsy and has built-in batteries. Such a feature shall allow you to charge your device without plugging it in.


Ear tips form an important part of a wireless earbud. They come in various shapes and sizes. Silicone ear-tips that are too small or shallow may not form a proper seal when the earphones are plugged in, thus causing outside noise to creep in. it is essential that you try on the earphones to see if they are a snug fit and thus limit the possibility of dropping them during sudden jerky movements.


Most good earbuds have control pads or buttons built into the device. This feature allows you to adjust the volume, change music tracks or even receive or disconnect voice calls without taking the mobile phone out of your pocket.

Wireless earphones, such as ones from Soundcore, provide all these advanced features that may be desirable to a music enthusiast. These days, earphones come in trendy designs and peppy colours that are a cool accessory to any outfit. However, it would be best if you didn’t simply go by the style quotient of the earbud but also check the features enumerated above to gain the most from your purchase.

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