Tips For Office Security

Pro Tips For Office Security

Running a business means you need to do everything you can to keep it safe. This means you have to take the time to ensure that the premises and their contents are fully protected at all times. There are things you can do to make it more secure though, and they’re all pretty easy to do. From installing cast iron bollards in the car park to ensuring the doors are able to be locked at the entrance, there are lots of ways you can keep your workplace safe. So, keep reading and discover our pro tips for office security!

Keep Important Things Locked Away

The first thing you need to do is always keep any sensitive information and data locked away. You also want to make sure that you only provide keys to those who have the clearance to access the information too. Having fireproof safes is an excellent way to do this as not only will they withstand an emergency, but they can also easily have a lock fitted to them. Make sure that if it’s locked with a key that it’s not left close by to the lock. Try to keep it on you or even better, in a lock box that requires a code to get into.


CCTV may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many offices forget to install it or let it break and don’t repair it. CCTV can save you a whole lot of trouble if you do experience any sort of security breach, as you’ll be able to find the culprit much quicker. You may have seen people saying that having fake cameras is just as impactful as having real ones, but this isn’t entirely true. While they may act as a deterrent, they aren’t going to help you when a crime is committed. So, make sure you have working CCTV cameras fitted that cover all the necessary areas of your business.

Label All Equipment

Theft is very common in the workplace, so you want to make sure that you keep track of all valuables and equipment. Having a log of all the items within your business will help you to ensure that you know if something goes missing. It will also help you when employees leave, as you’ll know what to expect back from them. Labelling all the equipment can help too, as you’ll be able to give it a specific number that correlates to your list. So, don’t let your equipment go walkabouts, and start keeping track of it.

Always Require Access To The Building

Another tip that may seem obvious but is often overlooked, is access to the building itself. Every single person that enters should have a key card or fob that provides them access and no one else. This way you can be 100% certain that only people with access to the building can get it. It’s important that you never let someone in that doesn’t have proof that they need to get in either. Holding the door open for someone behind you is always a big no-no too.

Install Alarms

Finally, you want to install alarms at your business so that if something does happen while you’re not there, you’ll be able to act on it straight away. Alarms can also help prevent crimes too, as if the criminal knows that they’re caught in the act, they’re much more likely to run away than try and continue with their attempt. Having alarms that alert the police immediately are also a good idea, as you’ll have a much higher chance of catching the criminal red-handed! Keeping your business safe is vital, not only for your property but also for all the sensitive information you hold that belongs to your employees and customers. These tips show you just how easy it can be to protect your business and ensure that it’s always safe. So, be sure to implement these pro tips, and you’ll soon have your business locked down tight in no time at all.

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