Toilets, Became So Popular. Why Close Coupled Popular

If you ask someone to visualize the shape of a toilet, then they will most probably recall the design that resembles the close-coupled toilet. It is such a kind of toilet that almost everyone has used or seen in their life. Perhaps, these are so common that it has become a standard for toilets. Thoughts, you will now see other types too. But for some reason, the close-coupled toilets are still hot selling and in demand. You will see the one that fits on the wall in some places. But the one that everyone prefers is a close couple design. Have you ever thought about what makes them so common and in demand? Why do people love these despite the availability of back-to-wall and floating-style toilets? We are going to explore a few reasons in this blog post.

Close Coupled Toilets Were the Earliest Innovative Design

Although close coupled toilets have also changed over time due to innovations. Therefore, these are no longer what was available in the 1960s. Thought you might order the traditional shape that is available at some bathroom retailers. It was the earliest type that was a great innovation after a long time. Before, these people were using a high-level or low-level toilets with a water tank pretty above the floor. And requires a lot of floor space. There was a huge gap between the toilet pan and the cistern. However, with the close couple design, this gap reduces to almost none. “A close coupled toilet has a pan closely fit with a water tank that sits on the corner edge of its back”. With such reduction and bit change in size to compact, such the close coupled toilet quickly took over the market. It was the only relatively less space-saving design available at that time.

Close Coupled Toilets Quickly Took Over the Market

The close-coupled design quickly took over the market as it solved people’s problems. The bathroom was becoming smaller, and the homeowner require a space-saving design that such toilets offer. It did not take a long time manufacturer realized the space problem and introduced a new type of toilet that we call wall-hung toilets and back-to-wall toilets. Though these new designs were ultimate space savers, the close coupled high demand in the market continued. And there was a reason for that.

Why Back-to-Wall and Wall Hung Toilets Failed to Replace Close Coupled Toilets?

If efficient use of space was the reason behind the high demand for close coupled toilets, then back-to-wall and wall hung toilets offer better space efficiency. But these are still struggling to take over the market of close coupled to date. There are multiple reasons for that.

The Costs: The close-coupled toilets are the most economical in the market right now. When people compare the installation costs, the hassle that they will need to take to break the wall for the hidden cistern, and the high unit cost, they turn to standard closed coupled toilets that cost significantly less.

People are Used to It: Another reason is that the change in habit is difficult. Many people don’t like or want change. So, they don’t bother to try a different thing. The toilets only required to be replaced only once in over a decade, and they don’t want much hassle to bring a change in it.

The Installation Problems: If you analyze, the close-coupled toilet is the easiest and quickest one to install. Perhaps, with some technical knowledge and skills to use tools, you can install it as a DIY project. However, things are not the same as other types. You will need to break the wall to fit the cistern of back-to-wall toilets or wall-mounted toilets. Which sometimes is not possible. Your wall may not be sturdy enough to bear the weight.

Maintenance: Homeowners want to avoid any other type than close coupled because of the concealed cistern. In case something goes wrong, the easily accessible and visible water tank makes it very easy to solve the problem. But it is not the same for the wall-hung toilets, which will be difficult to get access through the cistern. It may be another reason the homeowners prefer the close-coupled style.

Over Style and Look: There is no doubt that wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets are good for creating flawless modern looks. But close-coupled toilet does fall short of it. There are abundant styles available in the close-coupled that you can easily rely on to create the type of aesthetics you want in the bathroom. That again makes them a preferable and suitable option for everyone.

Final Thoughts

our discussion on close coupled toilets concludes that some features in them make them a way preferable option for homeowners. The wall-hung and back-to-wall are good options but some cons like high prices, maintenance, and difficult installation makes homeowners avoid them. next

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